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Specialized Mobility and Disability Gym Tailored Training Programs and Hands On Support

Who We Are

Here at InvincABLE Fitness, we pride ourselves on inclusion; every single person who comes through our doors has an equal and important place here.

Our members are at the very core of what we do and we are all about enhancing the quality of life of each and every person who puts their trust in us.

With over 16 years of experience working in the industry and a genuine passion to improve people’s quality of life, we are the number one centre for people living in and around Waterford.

We are proud to stand apart from the rest as Ireland’s only gym of its kind!

We Believe In Each Other


We continuously build strong relationships with each other to give hope and build strength for every member at InvincABLE.


Reduced pain levels, better mobility and increased confidence levels is something we often see and hear. 


Our team are experienced and talented individuals who deliver specialised programmes to suit everyone. 


You inspire us. We genuinely care, are open-minded and we will find a solution together. 


At InvincABLE Fitness we offer tailored programmes specific to each individual and their unique needs plus we also offer personal coaching sessions for people of all ages. We are fully insured to cater for under 16s.

We cater for a broad range of disabilities, illnesses, mobility issues and confidence struggles. All results are carefully measured and recorded to ensure that improvements can be continuously made. We created this space to help change lives – one day at a time!


- Specialised Equipment

- Fully Fitted Gym

- Industry Standard

- Range of Machines


- Highly Trained

- Highly Experienced

- REPS Ireland Qualified

- Dedicated & Caring

- Friendly & Supportive

Tailored Programs

- Full Health Analysis

- Individually Assigned

- Personal Training

- Membership Options


- Extensive Health and Safety Policies

- Covid Safety Compliant

- High Tech Equipment

- First Aid Certified Staff

- Ireland Active Member

What Our Members
Say About Us

Patrick Croke

My name is Patrick Croke and I am 33 years old. I come from a small village in the south called carrigeen. I was born with a condition called cerebral palsy which meant I couldn’t walk properly and eventually I ended up in a wheelchair. I was left wheelchair bound at a pretty young age so I don’t actually remember been able to walk properly. But this hasn’t stopped me in any way. I have a brilliant social life and I love getting out there and mixing with people. 

My biggest hobbies in life are motorsport and I am heavily involved in rallying. I hold a full motorsport co driving licence and I have competed in  a few rallies. My biggest claim to fame was when I got to sit with Craig Breen who is a very close friend of mine. He gave me the present for my 30′h birthday to sit beside him at our local event which was The Ravens Rock stages rally in 2017 which we went on to finish on the podium and take 3’d. Overall to say this was a dream come true is an understatement. Since then I have gone on to build my own rally car, which was a major goal for me and I am enjoying living my dream racing around Ireland. 


As a wheelchair user, I find fitness a bit of a struggle. That was until I found out about lnvincABLE Fitness through a good friend of mine John Boden. He told me that he knew a girl that is after opening a gym for people who needed an extra bit of help. If I am honest before this I had joined a few gyms in Waterford and I went for a while but I found them very daunting. While sitting in the chair, I  looked around at people working very hard and pushing themselves to the limits which is brilliant, but I just felt out of place. I have been with lnvincABLE Fitness for just over a year now and I have to say I haven’t look back, you couldn’t ask for friendlier people. In the past year I have really got back into looking after myself and I am really enjoying working out. I have found my confidence really has really come on. 


The best thing I find about the gym is that they cater for each person’s needs which is brilliant because each person that uses the gym has a different story. They’re able to adjust to everyone’s needs which is very important. Like I said I really would recommend invincABLE fitness to anybody who wants to get themselves motivated. It’s really a brilliant community to be involved in. I really want to thank Rachel, Laura and the team who have taken me other there wing and worked with me for the past year. It’s been amazing and the results are starting to show. 


It’s been a roller coaster of a year with covid 19 and also I had my own troubles. Back in April I lost my younger brother Seamus. He passed away through natural causes and I found the

gym has been a big help. I just want to say a massive thank you to all you have been so kind to me. I have some big goals for next year which I can’t wait to get started on, but none of this would be possible without being active. I am really looking forward to training with lnvincABLE fitness I also want to wish them many more years of success! 

Yasmin Kirk

Over the last few years, I have struggled with Anxiety, Depression and was also diagnosed with a mild panic disorder and OCD tendencies..

My matter of coping with the constant torment in my head was to eat. I allowed myself to slide down a slippery slope of low mood, low motivation, low self-esteem and I pretty much existed for a long time.

But, by January 2020, I found InvincABLE, and let me tell you, those girls don’t even know half of what they have done for me. Rachel did my first couple programmes, and she listened to what I wanted/needed, gave me a plan suited to me, gave me variations of movements so I had something to work towards. Pushed me, laughed with me, SUPPORTED me, with whatever I needed.

Katie has done my most recent programme, she is also the one that trained me on my very first day when 10 step ups killed me and now I am doing burpees (which I never thought I could do). She has pushed me to my limits, for which I am forever grateful, old me would have given up 10 times by now, but she reminds me of how far I have come.

That’s the thing with InvincABLE, it’s a personal experience, the girls have always greeted me, have the chats, and giggled. I’m not some nameless person going in and out. They genuinely care about my success in this journey.

I’m coming up to a year now, (lockdown did throw a spanner in the works ) I am a couple pounds away from my 3st mark, down 4 dress sizes. Meds are being reduced. I have my bad days every now and then, but it used to be everyday, now those days are few and far between

And I can actually say I like the gym. ( anyone who knows me, would never of thought those words would leave my mouth)….

My journey is not over, but I would not be where I am without the support of family, friends and InvincABLE!!

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60 per month
  • A Full Health Analysis
  • 3 Personal Training Sessions To Get You Started
  • 6/8 Week Tailored Programme
  • 3 Training Sessions Per Week
  • Full Professional On-Hand Support Throughout
  • €50 Joining Fee


80 per month
  • Unlimited Access To The Gym
  • Initial Consultation
  • Health Screening Assessment
  • Analysis of Individual Needs
  • Fitness Assessment
  • THREE x 1 Hour Induction Sessions (1 on 1)
  • 6/8 Week Specific For You Tailored Program
  • Tailored Program Includes 1 Free PT Session Per Month
  • No Charged On New Tailored Programmes
  • Full Unending Professional Support Throughout
  • €50 Joining Fee

Under 16's

50 per month
  • Ireland's Only Gym With Under 16 Insurance
  • Individualised Programmes With Close Supervision
  • Full Assessment Prior to Starting
  • Full Health Screening, Needs Anaylsis & Fitness Assessment
  • Full Professional On-Hand Support Throughout
  • €25 Joining Fee

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